University of Wisconsin Madison uses ParetoWorks to generate a design for the Topology Optimization Roundtable

Topology Optimization has brought a paradigm shift in design methodology. Multiple designs can be generated using an optimization algorithm that satisfies the designer’s intent as well as find the best possible design solution to the defined problem. Additive manufacturing is has evolved significantly in recent years, paving a path towards a fully automated Digital Design and Manufacturing. Additive manufacturing (AM) and Topology Optimization (TO) complement each other well in that the complex designs created can be easily manufactured through AM.

Funding for Madison Tech Company Opens New Possibilities

Funding for Madison Tech Company Opens New Possibilities

his September, Madison startup company SciArt Software, Inc. was awarded a $530,000 investment from the Idea Fund of La Crosse. The tech company developed Pareto, a plugin system for digital design programs that allows engineers to calculate the strength of materials more efficiently. Now, Pareto is being used by companies like Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation in Brookfield to speed up the design process and make vehicles more fuel efficient.

SciArt Software uses consumer feedback to bring technology solution to market

Lighter, faster, cheaper always seems to be the goal, especially in the transportation or aerospace industries. But to perform reliably and safely, products require strength and stability. Computer simulations have advanced the creation of quality products, but the process can often be disjointed and costly as SciArt Software CTO, Praveen Yadav, discovered.