Our technology is the result of a decade of research at the University of Wisconsin Madison Engineering Representations and Simulation Lab. The result of this research was a state-of-the-art FEA analysis and topology optimization engine.


We have the fastest large scale FEA analysis and topology optimizer on the planet. Our engine is anywhere from 10-50x faster than existing solutions. Our software turns hours or days of waiting into mins. This means that design optimization can be part of the design process at designer's desk instead of a time consuming process only used for a handful of components on expensive servers.



Our software has an ultra low memory footprint. What does it mean? It means: 1) we can simulate and optimize billions of elements on a single computer instead of a cluster of computers, and 2) we never hit the network bottleneck and run-time scales linearly to largest of problems. Engineers can now solve exa-scale problems on their laptops that would normally require a supercomputer.