User Feedback

"... PareTO is affordable and easy to learn, using the common .stl file format and simple application of loads and constraints.
Optimisation runs taking 5-6 hours in other software completed in less than 10 minutes with PareTO. Last and by no means least, the development team have been truly responsive to our questions and requests, typically coming back to us within 24 hours, sometimes even with a new release of the code."
-- Richard T., AstroTrac, U.K.
"ParetoWorks has provided our firm with a powerful new tool in conceptualizing and designing optimized products and structures. It’s speed and flexibility give our engineers a new way of approaching design and ensuring we can rapidly evolve to efficient and effective products.
The seamless integration of cutting edge topology optimization into our current design process has been a real win for our company and our clients."
-- Dave F., Design Concepts, US

Excerpts from the blog:

"I should note that a single run, from when you hit go till it converges at a solution, took anywhere from 20 to 30min. for this part. Considering that this is conducting FEA with 60,000 to 80,000 nodes at each iteration and running an opto. algorithm, this seemed blindingly fast to me. I was super impressed with this having played with other optimization software."

--  Mark G., Charlton & Hill Welding Ltd.