Krishnan SureshCEO is also the Philip and Jean Myers Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. He has a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell and is passionate about transforming research ideas into practical engineering solutions. He loves inspiring kids to pursue science and engineering. In his spare time, he plays racquetball and chess.


Praveen YadavDirector of Engineering dedicated his full-time efforts towards commercialization of Pareto technology, part of which was developed through his graduate work with Suresh.

He enjoys competitive badminton and cricket, if he is not too busy keeping his toddler occupied.


Karen CaswelchGrowth Consultant pivoted to becoming a start-up CEO after a successful career in corporate life (GM and Allison Transmission). Over the past decade, she has been a CEO or COO at 4 different start-up companies. Quick to assess the needs of the organization, she is more interested in the success of the organization than in being right.


Michael DoescherSoftware Engineer changed his career path to earn a 2nd PhD in computer science after having a successful career in experimental physical chemistry. Outside work, Mike enjoys building furniture, martial arts, and cooking.

He has an awesome little boy who loves Minecraft, Karate, and Cub Scouts.


Josh CherekSoftware Engineer is passionate about building software. He has worked in R&D and built software systems from satellite image processing to plasma simulation.