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SciArt offers the Pareto family of products to enable “Smarter” early stage designs by Design Engineers.

Pareto enables better early design concepts that balance constraints, objectives, product performance, resources, and time constraints. The Design Engineer is empowered to explore more designs in less time thereby reducing time, cost, and rework of design concepts. Each design concept is generated to meet the performance constraints and objectives.

A Design Engineer’s Tool

Pareto successfully takes Generative Design out of the hands of researchers and simulation/optimization specialists and enables Design Engineers to explore more performance-based design concepts in less time.

Pareto removes the need for a simulation expert through a simple 5 step process to generate design concepts.

  1. Define design space

  2. Define design function

  3. Define constraints (Design & Manufacturing)

  4. Select the design objective (e.g. minimize weight)

  5. Generate design concepts

Multi Body Genrative Design by Pareto

Pareto goes beyond the Generative Design research tools to support real-world design scenarios with practical design objectives such as Minimize Weight or Minimize Stress.

Pareto also recognizes that real-world early stage design requires balancing a multitude of options and factors and provides support for multiple load cases, multiple parts, multiple design constraints, and multiple manufacturing constraints.

Variable Constraint Combinations in Pareto

The manufacturing constraints in Pareto are not limited to additive manufacturing but also support casting/forging and machining/extrusion constraints. Pareto will generate different design concepts in accordance with the manufacturing constraints defined.

The SciArt Proprietary Level Set based Topology Optimization technology at the heart of Pareto ensures complete connected geometry in the generated design concepts with no dangling or disconnect pieces.

Faster Concepts

SciArt recognizes that timeliness is a key factor in the early stage design process.  Pareto provides the ability to generate valid performance-driven concepts rapidly on an Engineer’s computer.  Most design concepts can be generated in minutes on a laptop that could be purchased from Best Buy and it is not necessary to transfer your data to the cloud for quick turnaround times.

Pareto achieves designs in minutes on a laptop by leveraging both the extremely efficient Level Set Topology Optimization algorithms and an embedded ultra-fast SciArt proprietary finite element solver.

Integrated with CAD

Pareto works in your CAD system within your design process!!

There is no need to transfer data to the cloud (or even other applications) or to expose your intellectual property in any way.